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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Mzanzi fo sho

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Greetings from South Africa!  Russell, my PhD supervisor and now our boss, very kindly picked us up at 4:00 am to drive us to Newcastle Airport, and sixteen hours later we landed in Johannesburg.  I managed to get all my things through without having to pay excess baggage, although i did get asked some slightly unusual questions at security (“How many pairs of trousers are you wearing, Sir?”)


We stopped over in Joburg and drove up to the Soutpansberg mountains the following morning, only stopping to buy essentials (biltong, boerewors, beer, Amarula) in Polokwane.


P1070248 (640x480)

Biltong & droewors: meat’s delicious leap towards immortality.


P1070255 (640x480)

Approaching the Soutpansberg mountains.


We eventually arrived at the end of the tar road, and were taken up the mountain in a 4 wheel drive bakkie.  We were greeted by Vivien, who did a great job of handing over the project to us and introducing us to everyone at Lajuma, before we settled into our new home. 


P1070264 (640x480)

Katy on the porch of our new solar powered tent.


So far we have seen samango monkeys, vervet monkeys, a greater bushbaby (eating banana in our garden!), red duiker, kudu, yellow billed hornbills and crested guinea fowl, not a bad start at all!


One thought on “Mzanzi fo sho

  1. Oh, I LOVE this blog – I can keep up with you both & your amazing adventure…. love you both…ox.

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