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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

The Durham magnet

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It’s Katy here! We have spent the week settling into Lajuma and into our tent. We’ve been pretty busy learning about camera trapping and setting out our first cameras (hopefully we’ll get some good pics of leopards!!). Yesterday we had a crash course in the leopards of Lajuma and today we went out watching Samango monkeys.

Here’s a pic of one of the monkeys from today. There will be much better quality ones coming soon.


P1070283 (640x480)


Our friend from Durham, Natasha, is doing her PhD research nearby and she came to stay for 2 nights. Lajuma seems to have a mystical magnet deep within its mountainous core that draws people from Durham’s anthropology department here. Two more of our friends who we know from Durham will be back here soon too. We weren’t that surprised that we were invited to work here as it was our turn for the magnet to draw us here.

Tash took us for a walk down to a nearby waterfall. Here are some pics from our hike. Thankfully we took them before I hiked back up the mountain because my face turned as bright red as my top!


P1070299P1070302 (640x480)P1070297 (640x480)P1070296


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