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Help my krap winkel

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Hi everyone! All is going well in Lajuma – the sun is shining, baboons are foraging in our garden and our first Earthwatch group is enjoying their experience here.


Every Monday we have the opportunity to leave the mountain and go to the exciting metropolis of Louis Trichardt to forage in Pick N’ Pay supermarket, Prima Slaghuis (the butchery) and in Ocean Basket, our favourite restaurant in the world! We buy food for the week which we cook either on our 2 ring gas powered hob or over a braai (barbeque).


Louis Trichardt is about an hour’s drive from Lajuma. It’s really not that far though – half of that time is taken up by the rocky rough drive down the mountain. We are still amazed that our local town has just about anything you could want to buy. The picture below on the left shows just how well stocked the supermarkets are. This is compared to Bulawayo (below right) which barely had any food or anything for that matter when we lived there. However on this note…we waited for ages in this long long queue to post some cards at the post office. The line did not move. Eventually an Afrikaans lady came and told us about a much shorter line that was for stamps. We queued again. An hour after we entered the post office we got to the front of the line only to be told in an apologetic manner that they had run out of stamps. Argh. Only in Africa.






While wandering around Louis Trichardt we saw this sign which implores passerbys to ‘help my krap winkel’. This made us laugh – winkel means shop but I’m yet to ascertain whether krap has the same meaning in Afrikaans as it does in English. Also note the person wearing the blanket. Africans love to wear blankets all the time. They wear them as clothes and also use them as baby carriers. 


P1070328 (640x480)


The best thing about going to town is Ocean Basket. This is the best seafood chain ever and they only have it in southern African countries and Cyprus for some bizarre reason. We had been dreaming about it for ages and I was worried that the reality might be a let down. I shouldn’t have worried. It was as good as ever! We had a platter for two which had heaps of prawns, mussels, chips, fish and calamari. Sam also enjoyed the local lager, Castle.


               P1070329 (480x640)       P1070331 (480x640)


Finally here’s a picture of Dr Vickey’s abortion flier. It’s just another one of the interesting sights to be seen in Louis Trichardt.


Photo0095 (480x640)


One thought on “Help my krap winkel

  1. Great looking seafood – you all have better restaurants in your little town than we have in Hermiaton !!!!!

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