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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa


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Our jobs involve running the Durham University research project on predators and primates, but also working with groups of Earthwatch volunteers that come out every so often for 12 days at a time to help with the project (see here).  Our first group of Earthwatch volunteers left today, and all 6 of them seemed to have a great time.  While they were here they helped with a range of activities including collecting in the memory cards from the camera traps, sorting through the resulting 10,000 images that were taken since the cameras were set up a few weeks ago, identifying each species and individual leopards, setting up new camera trap stations (Jane was an amazing leopard impersonator), collecting leopard and brown hyena scats for later dietary analysis, conducting a carnivore sign transect, collecting observations of primate behaviour, and mapping out all the fruiting and flowering trees along a phrenology trail.  They also had days out hearing about human-wildlife conflict from community members and Tash at the Blouberg Nature Reserve, and took a day off to visit Mapungubwe National Park.  And everyone fell in love with Bushy, the resident bushbaby that visits our garden every night.


Thanks to everyone for your help and hope you have a safe trip back to the US and to England!



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