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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Actual walls


This week we have been house- and dog-sitting for Oldrich and Judy (thanks!) while they were away on holiday in Botswana and Zimbabwe.  Although we really enjoy living in our tent it has been great staying at their amazing house (which is also on Lajuma).  It has a number of luxuries including electricity, internet, a mobile phone aerial, a washing machine, a functional fridge/freezer and actual walls!

P1070508P1070537 Stitch

Unlike our tent, their house is set away from the cliffs, so its really sunny and warm here, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to have sundowners in the garden each afternoon.



The dogs (Megan and Hazel) were great, and Hazel especially enjoyed keeping Katy warm in the evenings, although the two of them often had to fight for control of the blanket!




3 thoughts on “Actual walls

  1. Luxury! Have been having some moderate luxury myself since going home after the excitement of the viva!

  2. Hi Sam and Katy
    Trying to find the pic of the Leopards nose, your Dad was kind enough to send us a text with your details, as Owen( our son) does ask about you ( dont think he’s ever met you !!!)
    Will keep on looking at your site,
    Good luck with all your doing.
    Dawn ( cousin) and Rob,
    Owen and Anakin

  3. I can’t believe Katy saw a leopard!! So not fair. Was it a good sighting?

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