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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Visitors from the North


Our friends Wonder and Mpofu recently came to visit us from Zimbabwe.  We used to work with Wonder on the cheetah project in Zim and we became best friends.  We hadnt seen each other for two years so it was great to finally catch up.  Unfortunately this time we only had beer in cans, so Wonder couldn’t do his party trick of opening beers with his teeth. 



Legendary skills demonstrated in Zimbabwe


We dragged them to the top of the leopard trail to the viewpoint.  They dealt with the climb admirably, especially considering that they were knackered as they set off from Bulawayo at 3:00 am and drove through the previous night, and Wonder only had a pair of flip flops so he ended up tackling most of the rocky climbs barefoot.  But the view from the top, and the sundowners and braai back at the tent made it all worth it.


P1070586 (640x480)P1070600 (640x480)P1070588 (480x640)P1070610 (480x640)P1070601 (640x480)P1070619 (640x480)

Incentives: views; beer; meat and beer


P1070622 (640x480)

Thanks for stopping by – come again soon.  Next time please bring some Inzimbe!


2 thoughts on “Visitors from the North

  1. You guys look sooooooo incredibly skinny! Especially Sam seems to have lost a stone or two … I am impressed! :o)

    • Hi Diana,

      Im glad you are enjoying the blog. Hope everything is going well in France. Yes I had been working out a lot before i left Durham so im glad it paid off!


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