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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Leopard spotted

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August in South Africa is getting warmer, sunnier and less misty. These are things I like. The past few weeks have been busy with Wonder’s visit, trips to town, checking cameras and an Earthwatch group. The most exciting thing that happened recently was that on July 26th at about 10 am I saw a leopard!! Now this might not seem that exciting considering the fact that we live in an area with a very high density of leopards, but it is. Some people stay at Lajuma a year or more and never see one because they are so elusive and secretive. I was hiking out to one of our camera stations and Andrew (one of our assistants) spotted some rustling in a bush just ahead. We looked at it and out popped a young leopard who jumped up over some rocks in clear view and then disappeared. It was fantastic! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take a photo but just imagine how you would feel to see a wild predator unexpectedly just in front of you.


At the end of July I had another interesting adventure….we went out to do a recky for some new camera stations and one of the local workers told us about a waterfall. He told us that we might get wet, maybe the feet or the waist. This seemed a bit cryptic but it turns out that the waist was entirely accurate. We hiked down to a stream which was in the rock valley. The vegetation looked prehistoric with all the giant ferns. Then we started to walk through the river. And it got deeper and deeper until we were wading up to our waists. We turned the corner and there was the waterfall. It was fun even though the water was freezing. I also had a leech on me!

DSC_1021 (425x640)DSC_1029 (640x425)DSC_1030 (425x640)DSC_1033 (425x640)DSC_1020 (640x425)

So all in all lots of good things are going on.


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