Always looking for animals

Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Dooie kremetart


About a week ago Sam, Russell, Ian and I went on a jolly trip off Lajuma to a farm near the Limpopo River. The managers of the farm wanted our help to analyse their camera trapping survey. Before we went I sifted through 9,319 photos of animals and put together a report about the biodiversity of species on their land. We then went to their property and saw where the photos were taken and advised them about improving their methodology for a second survey.

It was a really good day out. It was hot, dry and we loved the landscape. When I was looking through their camera trap photos I noticed that one of the camera stations was called ‘Dooie kremetart’. I thought that this might be some type of delicious Afrikaans dessert! However it means dead baobab. We certainly saw plenty of baobabs. In one tree there were horns from an antelope which a leopard had hauled up there to eat undisturbed.

Our day in the northern most part of South Africa finished with a trip to visit an old friend who taught us about training dogs to sniff out leopard scats and told us stories about free roaming lions on local farms. She also made us a really nice quiche.



2 thoughts on “Dooie kremetart

  1. It does sound like a nice kind of desert, you are right!

  2. I was thinking maybe you had come up with some obscure recipe for all those
    Doo Doos you are seiving through?????

    Sorry childish I know……..xx
    Dawn and Rob

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