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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

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Bundu birthday

My birthday in the bush or bundu birthday was great!

Sam organised a surprise cake. We don’t have an oven in the tent so we went to the barn where the students live. However at the barn we couldn’t find a cake tin so had to cook the cake in a deep pot which posed the interesting question of how to get a cake out of a pot. It all worked out in the end and tasted amazing!



The yumminess did not stop there. Sam made me american style pancakes for breakfast.


    P1070885 (480x640)    P1070887 (640x480)


I then got to do the thing I’d been dying to do all week…open presents! It is really hard when all the parcels come in the post and you’re not allowed to touch them until a certain day. The wait was worth it though. Thank you Mum, Dad, David, Jen, Patrick, Sam, Sally and Richard, Chloe and Trystan, Nadine, and Ian and Reetha for the fab presents and cards.


P1070891 (640x480)


One of the best things about my birthday was that Sam took some time off from the PhD to go swimming with me at the waterfall. The water was freezing so it ended up being more wading through squishy leaves, but it was still fun.


           P1070892 (480x640)     P1070899 (480x640)


The baboons were in the garden when we got back from the waterfall which was a nice surprise.


P1070903 (640x480)


Finally we enjoyed sundowners while waiting for my parents to ring. For those of you who phone us this is where we sit to talk to you…literally on the edge of a cliff looking at the most stunning view. Thanks for all the birthday loveliness everyone!


   P1070913 (640x480)    P1070925 (480x640)


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Happy campers

So it’s time you had a tour of our tent. Yep we live in a tent but it’s about the best tent you can imagine – no crawling out onto damp dewy grass, no wet canvas sides, no not being able to sit up, no having to change your clothes in about 6 inches of space. Our tent rocks in every way. Here it is:


P1070837 (640x480)


Although it is only technically one room it have some very separate areas. Here’s our bedroom. In case you haven’t noticed we have a bit of zebra print theme going on.  It’s an Africa thing. People here really seem to really like a splash of animal print.  We also have a zebra print mug. I had a cup of green tea in bed last night and couldn’t find my mug again when I put it down on the duvet.


P1070835 (640x480)


Now we move onto the bathroom which borders the kitchen. The bathroom is not so modestly divided by a see-through curtain which can be awkward when we have guests over. So far all our friends have seen (and heard) the funny side of this.


P1070832 (640x480)


This is the kitchen and study / indoor dining room. We have two gas rings where we do all our cooking.


P1070830 (480x640)


The other week we were given a new gas powered fridge. When Ian installed it we needed to make a hole in the plastic tent wall to link it to the gas canister outside. Making a hole in your wall is easily solved if you live in a tent. We got a knife out and poked a hole through. Easy peasy. You can’t do that in a normal house. Another reason to live in a tent. You should consider it.


P1070834 (640x480)

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Mr Melty

The other week I was leaving Oldrich’s house after a meeting and looked up to see flumes of smoke on top of the hill. I ran up the Leopard Trail and across the bush. I got close enough that I could see the flames and the workers trying to control the fire. I was also close enough to realise without a doubt that two of our camera traps were in the middle of the chaos. I ran all the way back down and Oldrich, Sam, Nadine and I went on a mission in the car to rescue the cameras.

When we finally arrived on the scene the fire had died down revealing a different landscape.


P1070786 (640x480)P1070787 (640x480)P1070795 (640x480)P1070792 (640x480)


Oldrich and Sam did a bit of firefighting.

One of our cameras survived the threat while the other who will be referred to as Mr Melty from now on did not fare so well.

Here is Mr Melty melting…




Here is Mr Melty melted…


P1070826 (640x480)P1070825 (640x480)


Although he survived amazingly well considering and still turns on right away his vision has been reduced to cataracts and glaucoma of the camera world. Here’s what he sees now. Quite trippy!


IMG_0237 (640x480)


However we are trying to get a replacement lens cover and hopefully he’ll be back in the field watching leopards and hyenas soon.  Get well cards for Mr Melty can be sent to our address.