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Mr Melty

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The other week I was leaving Oldrich’s house after a meeting and looked up to see flumes of smoke on top of the hill. I ran up the Leopard Trail and across the bush. I got close enough that I could see the flames and the workers trying to control the fire. I was also close enough to realise without a doubt that two of our camera traps were in the middle of the chaos. I ran all the way back down and Oldrich, Sam, Nadine and I went on a mission in the car to rescue the cameras.

When we finally arrived on the scene the fire had died down revealing a different landscape.


P1070786 (640x480)P1070787 (640x480)P1070795 (640x480)P1070792 (640x480)


Oldrich and Sam did a bit of firefighting.

One of our cameras survived the threat while the other who will be referred to as Mr Melty from now on did not fare so well.

Here is Mr Melty melting…




Here is Mr Melty melted…


P1070826 (640x480)P1070825 (640x480)


Although he survived amazingly well considering and still turns on right away his vision has been reduced to cataracts and glaucoma of the camera world. Here’s what he sees now. Quite trippy!


IMG_0237 (640x480)


However we are trying to get a replacement lens cover and hopefully he’ll be back in the field watching leopards and hyenas soon.  Get well cards for Mr Melty can be sent to our address.


One thought on “Mr Melty

  1. Poor Mr Melty,
    Damaged in Action………
    Get well soon and hope the lens transplant goes well

    All hail Mr Melty!!!!!!!

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