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So it’s time you had a tour of our tent. Yep we live in a tent but it’s about the best tent you can imagine – no crawling out onto damp dewy grass, no wet canvas sides, no not being able to sit up, no having to change your clothes in about 6 inches of space. Our tent rocks in every way. Here it is:


P1070837 (640x480)


Although it is only technically one room it have some very separate areas. Here’s our bedroom. In case you haven’t noticed we have a bit of zebra print theme going on.  It’s an Africa thing. People here really seem to really like a splash of animal print.  We also have a zebra print mug. I had a cup of green tea in bed last night and couldn’t find my mug again when I put it down on the duvet.


P1070835 (640x480)


Now we move onto the bathroom which borders the kitchen. The bathroom is not so modestly divided by a see-through curtain which can be awkward when we have guests over. So far all our friends have seen (and heard) the funny side of this.


P1070832 (640x480)


This is the kitchen and study / indoor dining room. We have two gas rings where we do all our cooking.


P1070830 (480x640)


The other week we were given a new gas powered fridge. When Ian installed it we needed to make a hole in the plastic tent wall to link it to the gas canister outside. Making a hole in your wall is easily solved if you live in a tent. We got a knife out and poked a hole through. Easy peasy. You can’t do that in a normal house. Another reason to live in a tent. You should consider it.


P1070834 (640x480)


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