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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Mount Letjume at full moon

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At the moment we are between Earthwatch groups and between camera runs. This means it is a well appreciated time to catch up on data analysis and computer work. However with the sun shining I have made sure to take time to be outside as well. 

Yesterday afternoon I walked the Porcupine Trail. It is one of several marked trails at Lajuma.  First the trail skirts around the top of the waterfall where you can see leopard scratch marks in a water berry tree.


           P1080069 (480x640)              P1080070 (480x640)


The trail leads down to the bottom of the highest waterfall in the Soutpansberg Mountains. The hydropower generated from this waterfall supplies much of the electricity at Lajuma.


P1080073 (480x640)


Since moving here I have become a bit of a twitcher! I am always in the garden looking for new birds and recording them in my book. Yesterday Sam spotted the violet-backed starling (below) and this morning at breakfast (we always eat outside!) I spotted a red faced mousebird.


P1080081 (640x480)   P1080076 (640x480)


Tonight was full moon so I went with a bunch of the students to the top of Mount Letjume to watch the sun set. The mountain is the highest point in the Soutpansberg Mountains at 1747 metres.


P1080085 (640x480) P1080086 (640x480)

P1080094 (640x480)

These sunset photos are dedicated to Sally the self-proclaimed ‘sunset whore’. I’m looking forward to sunsets and sundowners in Thailand and Laos!


P1080095 (640x480)P1080097 (640x480)

P1080107 (640x480) P1080109 (640x480)


As we walked down the mountain the full moon started to rise a spectacular orange colour and a little red frog tried to hitch a lift on Marine’s shoes.


P1080124 (640x480)

P1080128 (640x637)


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