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Suicide month

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In Zimbabwe October was referred to as the suicide month because it is the hottest, driest month of the year. I have always been a fan of October in Africa – the yellowness, the attraction of waterholes for animals and the scorching heat.

At Lajuma October has been a bit of a mixed month. It has been exceedingly hot and…wet.


P1080131 (640x480)


I found respite on a particularly hot day by going down to the stream near our house to dip my feet in the cool water. I also looked for leopards but none came to visit me sadly.


      P1080134 (480x640)     P1080135 (640x480)


It has been a mixed month because the rains have arrived. With massive ground-shaking, eardrum-booming thunderstorms on many nights, the landscape is changing from yellow to bright green. The insects are coming out in force. To us this seems premature. In Zim we didn’t get our heavy rains until about December. The mountain has its own climate though. I think it is going to be a very warm, very wet summer starting from about now. Good thing we’re heading back to the UK next week to buy wellies and gore-tex hiking boots!


Here’s one of the horses enjoying the newly green grass in our garden.


P1080139 (640x480)


One thought on “Suicide month

  1. Hope you enjoy your summer whilst we head in to winter,
    We are hoping for lots of snow,
    Have a safe trip buying your gear,

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