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Mistletoe and wine

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On Christmas eve we used NORAD to track Santa. When we looked he was dropping pressies on Turkmenistan. As this is somewhere eastish we knew he was on his way! Christmas eve was also a time for cheesy xmas movies on telly. Have you ever heard of ‘Call me Claus’? Whoopi Goldberg is recruited as the new santa and if she doesn’t accept the position the north pole will melt, the world will flood and everyone will die. Intense for a kids film. Don’t worry though it all works out – Whoopi finds the spirit of Christmas and becomes Santa.  Phew!


P1080617    P1080619

On Christmas we had a jolly time opening pressies. We got lots of lovely things including the littlest hobo box set, a Japan travel guide, balloons, lots of sweets, t-shirts and a bag with a land rover defender on it. Sam also received the most lovely gift from his dad – a free Daily Mail CD of Christmas with Cliff Richards. This provoked long conversations over dinner about the song ‘Mistletoe and wine’. Does he put logs on the tree or kids on the fire or gifts on the tree? None of the options made much sense.



Dinner was immense. Here’s Sam-ta preparing some delicious foods!


We were joined by Julia, Pete (who’s a bit camera shy), Sarah and about 70 baboons in the garden. We wished the baboons a merry Christmas and they all went on their way wearing their Christmas jumpers (I wish). We all ate way too much and enjoyed the stinkest cheese known to man. We missed our families but were glad for good food, good friends and baboons.




One thought on “Mistletoe and wine

  1. Great to read how you had your own Christmas Celebrations, hope your New year is enjoyable too, Sound like Mukiwa arrived just in time for Christmas …… enjoy……!
    Best Wishes for 2012……Dawn and Co xxx

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