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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Tying the knot


Someone asked me on New Years Eve what I was looking forward to in 2012. The big answer is getting married! We got engaged in November last year. Sam gave me flowers and chocolates with a special message. By the way Beans is my nickname in case anyone is confused.



We will be getting married in South Africa and the date is finally set. It will be August 31st – the end of winter here. I have set up a tab on this blog which will be populated with information on the wedding for our guests.


5 thoughts on “Tying the knot

  1. Im so thrilled for you, and super excited about coming over for the wedding x x x

  2. We are DELIGHTED – a Huge Congratulations to you both…..oxoxox.

  3. Congratulations!!
    Best Wishes with the organising..
    Dawn and Co

  4. So Happy to gain a son – see you soon in Hawaii then SA in August.
    Love Dad

  5. Awe … fantastic news! The 31st of Aug. is marked in my calendar!!!


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