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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

From leopards to leopard tortoises: the animals in our garden

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For my job in England I used to encourage people to improve biodiversity and support wildlife in their gardens by building bird boxes, planting flowers to attract butterflies and creating ponds. In our garden in South Africa we don’t have a bird box or a pond, but we seem to have everything else. Living in the middle of the bush means that everything comes to you including leopards. Two nights ago we had a leopard in our garden, walking about 20 metres from our front door. This photo of CC was taken at 4:43 am on March 20th using a camera trap.



This is our garden and  our tent. The leopard photo was taken at roughly the same spot that this photo was taken. The horses, Lady and Elsa, are regular visitors to our tent. They like apples.



Another regular visitor are the baboons. We see them most days. I even saw one sitting and ‘swinging’ on our swing.




We have a thick tailed bushbaby called Bushy who visits the fig tree every night to eat banana. We also have lesser bushbabies in the garden and they look like little ninjas, but I don’t have a photo of them.



Two more species of primate also visit us – vervet monkeys and samango monkeys – as a result we have all five species of primates found in South Africa live in our backyard.



We have seen two species of antelope from our window – bushbuck and red duiker.



This a warthog with crested guinea fowl!



We see lots and lots of birds…



This is a dwarf mongoose in our fig tree.



We have lots of little lizard and gecko friends that visit us when we eat outside on our stoop.



Finally Darwin, the leopard tortoise. The end.



One thought on “From leopards to leopard tortoises: the animals in our garden

  1. Yet again more amazing pictures….

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