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What can go wrong will go wrong

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Sometimes you just wake up and have one of those days. The other week I definitely had one of them.

I had arranged to drive out to check the camera stations on the western end of the mountains with Anna and Claire, our two predator assistants. We woke up when it was still dark and began down the road at 5 am. A mere 45 minutes later I was back at the tent on foot saying, “Wake up Sam! We need your help!”.

Our expedition was scuppered by a very  flat tyre after only 5 minutes of driving. Being tough-ish girls we assessed the situation and considered changing it ourselves.  However it was soon very apparent that we couldn’t even get the spare off without help so we found Sam. He brought the landy out to our broken down Toyota and fixed the tyre as the dawn broke. This was a momentous occasion for landrover owners everywhere!





After the tyre was fixed we went on our merry way. On one of the hikes Claire took a crazy kamikaze style tumble on some rocks. Very fortunately she was uninjured except her hand which was bleeding. Unfortunately the screen on one of the field laptops cracked when she fell.




Things happen in threes and this day was no exception. We discovered that two of our cameras have been stolen from the middle of nowhere!! Everything was completely gone. We looked for clues but found nothing. I am in the process of trying to track down the missing camera traps but so far I haven’t had much luck.




Ended on a high note and we went out to the ‘secret waterfall’. Claire convinced Anna and I to go wild swimming. And it was amazing.



All photos in this blog post were taken by Claire Gibson. Ta for letting me use them.


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