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In August last year an Earthwatch volunteer called Lexi worked us. As part of the Eco-schools programme the Earthwatch volunteers visited Pokanong Primary School and taught the children about the environment. After Lexi returned to her home in California, she was inspired to collected donations of pens, pencils and other stationary to send to the children at the school. She gathered donations from friends, family and from people visiting the Explorit Science Centre. Lexi collected an amazing 388 pens, 232 pencils, 4 mechanical pencil lead refills, 39 rubbers, 15 grips for pencils and 11 pencil sharpeners!! All the goodies were posted to Lajuma Research Centre.


A teacher at Pokanong Primary School


Laying out all the stationary

Judy, the Eco-schools Coordinator, and I took a group of Research Assistants and student from Lajuma to the school to hand out all the goodies. The kids answered questions about nature and if they got the answer correct they received a pencil or pen. At the end of the session all the children lined up and received something. It was a really nice day out and the kids were so excited to see us. We were completely mobbed by smiling waving children. As Judy says, ‘Going to a school in Africa makes you understand what it’s like to be Brangelina!’.


If you would like to find out more about Lexi’s campaign ‘Pens for Pokanong’ please join her facebook group by clicking here. 


Above left: All the children were excited to see us; Above right: Asking the children questions about nature


Looking after the Eco-schools garden


Teachers with information on Lexi’s campaign


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