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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Cold hands, warm pie

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Today is the winter solstice in South Africa and it properly feels like winter. I have 4 layers on and it is misty and cold. This is the view from my tent:


Sam had his birthday last Sunday. On Saturday Camilla and I made him a steak and milk stout pie (Sam’s version of birthday cake). We had a fire and some people around for drinks. On his actual birthday though he took the bus to Pretoria to catch his flight back to the UK. Sam is now in the UK for his PhD graduation!!! Happy birthday and happy graduation Samma!


P1090980 - Copy

I did some drawings to celebrate Sam’s birthday. This is the last one in the series.


In other exciting news my proposed PhD research into brown hyaena ecology and human-wildlife conflict looks like it going ahead. I have been extremely lucky and secured a grant from a passionate independent donor in the states to get the work going.

An Earthwatch team is coming this weekend and we will have back to back groups until mid-August. Trapping is still continuing well. My team and I moved the traps to new locations the other day and we are hoping to catch some of the female adult leopards on our wishlist soon. So far at the new trap locations we have only caught a cow. We decided not to collar it. The Primate, Predator and Bovine Project didn’t have the same ring.

All in all things are busy but good at Lajuma. Have a great longest and shortest day everyone! And happy birthday to Sam and his mum, Sally!


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