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Believe it or not, the PhD is finally officially over! I recently went back to England to visit family, and I also fit in My PhD graduation and some 30th birthday celebrations while I was at it. I looked an absolute tool in the ridiculous outfit they make you wear at graduation – isn’t the hat bad enough without sticking a pompom on top? But it was worth it if it means I’m done at last!


Thanks everyone for all your help along the way. Katy’s turn next!


IMG_2678 (427x640)

The whole family got together to point and laugh.


IMG_2666 (427x640)

Russell was glad to finally get rid of me.


IMG_2670 (640x427)

Durham: windy

IMG_2590 (640x427)

In Bradford my dad decorated his lounge in his usual crazy style to celebrate my birthday, graduating, and getting married next month.


IMG_2600 (640x427)

Birthday cakes are for losers. How about a birthday watermelon with fireworks sticking out of it?

IMG_2532 (640x427)

My sister and my mum came with me on a Cornish pasty making course in Falmouth as a birthday present.


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