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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Looking backwards, looking forwards



A month ago my mother passed away, and in a month from now I am getting married. It’s starting to get slowly warmer and lighter here. In the background of all this change in my life, the season are starting to change in South Africa. The scared coral trees are flowering and the sun birds are feeding from them.


My mum was this blog’s biggest fan and we loved reading her comments to our posts. Sam and I are so sad that she won’t be able to be here for our wedding. I know she was so proud of us and that she would have enjoyed seeing what we do. My mum will be missed, not only next month, but always. The photo below was taken in March 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii.



We are busy getting ready for the wedding and for our guests arriving.

Sam’s very talented sister and mother are designing African themed wedding jewellery to go with my dress! If you would like to see Chloe’s work or buy any her pieces please click here or visit her facebook group. Here are some of their ideas in progress:


ideas 2 small

Yesterday we went on a big wedding shopping spree and bought lots of decorations and booze.  We also bought mopane worms which our guests will be strongly encouraged / bullied into trying! Here’s Sam with armfuls of Amarula:




2 thoughts on “Looking backwards, looking forwards

  1. Your mum was a special lady. Carol and I had some great talks early on in our friendship. It was refreshing to meet and talk to someone who felt the same way I did about a lot of topics. Carol was special. It was great to meet you, Katie, on the 4th of July. I know Carol was very proud of you and your brother. You two were the most important people in her life. Then when your nephew was born, he was added to that list. Michael and I wish you and Sam all the happiness in the world.

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