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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Alldays and all night

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Our lovely assistant Camilla left. We are pretty sad about this but she did buy us a warthog which softened the blow a bit. We are hoping that Camilla the warthog will be very tasty when she is consumed on August 31st.

Prior to her departure we took Camilla (the girl, not the dead warthog) and friends on a trip to Alldays, a town about an hour north of us. This town is famous for hunting, drinking, and apparently shacks that offer dog hair cuts and shoe repair.




We tested one of science’s most baffling questions, how many people can a TD110 landy hold? The answer is 7.




We camped at Munala next to a digger and a British couple who were bizarrely proud of purchasing a baboon head.




We had some drinks at Munala while we waited hours for the world’s slowest kitchen to serve us food before heading over to At Se Gat.






We walked to At Se Gat and had a few drinks with the locals. The Olympics was on a telly surrounded by lots of dead animal trophies. When we were ready to go our new friend, Christoph, insisted on driving us back to our camp. White people don’t really walk in South Africa and everyone at the bar was pretty horrified that we walked 15 minutes to get there. Christoph had a bakkie with a canopy which had an eerie resemblance to a refugee van. We got in and thankfully we all got out again.




The next day we drove home back to our mountain and the land of slightly longer shorts on men.



Photos taken by Camilla Ryan.


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