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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

The wedding week: Part 1 – Kruger

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Sam and I were married on August 31st 2012. Since many of our family and friends flew out from the UK and the states we spent the week before the wedding showing them South Africa and Lajuma.

We drove down to the south of Kruger Park to meet Chloe, Trystan, Charlie, Sallyfish, and other Sally. Although they were from three different friendship groups they all booked the same flight from London to Joburg. Sam and I got to the meeting point at Malelane Gate and watched animals on the bridge while waiting for their arrival.




We had three nights in Kruger, three braais, three cars in convoy, two sightings of lions, and no one got eaten. Result. However we did get caught while on foot between our cars and a herd of elephants, a giant baboon jumped Sam for his bread, and lions kept trying to get as close as possible to Chloe and Trystan’s car (see photo below).

Here are some animal pics:









On the night drive we were really lucky and saw spotted hyaenas, wild dogs and…common reedbuck. I repeat common reedbuck.

Sally particularly enjoyed the lying down safari experience from the back of the landy. I enjoyed sporting the Afrikaans’ two toned shirt and barefoot look.




At the end of our Kruger adventures I headed to Joburg / Pretoria to pick up Tom and my dad while Sam took the rest of our guests to Lajuma via a pub inside a giant Baobab tree, as you do.




The next wedding week instalment is coming soon…


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