Always looking for animals

Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Saying goodbye to the sun


Today I enjoyed the African sun, saw vervet monkeys, and tried to extract an acacia thorn from my head. This time next week I will be sloshing through the flooded streets of Durham donning a black Harry Potter gown and attending matriculation for my PhD.

For the next two months I’ll be in Durham working on my PhD!! It’s all very exciting but also a bit sad because I’ll be away from Sam, the sun, and Africa. England is dark, cold, and generally lacks good animals, but it does have pubs, Asian food, and lots for me to learn. 

Sam and I are driving down to Joburg in the landy on the weekend with Pete, Joselyn, and Brittany to enjoy a weekend of cheeses, beers, and fun before I fly out on Sunday.

These are my very dry wellies  (for now!) all ready to pack into my backpack to go to England. I’ll write some blogs from the UK about what I get up to there. 




I needed one last taste of safari before leaving Africa so for my belated birthday trip I went to Mapungubwe National Park for the day with friends from Lajuma. Here are some photos:



A giraffe! And the very dry Limpopo River separating South Africa from Botswana.



Looking out over Zimbabwe and Botswana. The baobab trees.



Elephants! The baby on the right is suckling.



A pile of rocks and wildebeest.



Hanging out the landy to take photos.


2 thoughts on “Saying goodbye to the sun

  1. Dearest Katy & Sam,
    I agree with you it is a long time in weather which is so much less desirable and away from Dr. Sam.. Your Wellies do look clean and not covered with the red mud you have on the mountain. All the best in UK and make a adventure of the time.. love Dad

  2. Yes, the weather in england is rubbish at the mo, but pubs and food will help you get through your cold time here!!
    We will see you in Durham soon x x

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