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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa



I had wanted a digital SLR for yonks, and this year I finally got one from Katy as a graduation & birthday present. I liked with our old bridge camera, but I really wanted more control and to be able to take better quality pictures. Look at the two leopard pictures below. I took the one of them with my old camera, and my friend Anna took the other one on her SLR. Can you tell which is which?




Now that Ive had time to play with my new camera a bit, I thought I would whack up a few photos for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.




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Help us make science happen!


Its an exciting time – we are beginning a new phase of research! Katy has started her PhD on conflict between people and brown hyaenas (more on that to come) and we need YOU to help to make the project happen. Katy is taking part in the SciFundChallenge, a platform that allows members of the public to interact directly with scientists and help to fund research. She needs to find US$2,500 so that she can take on a long-term research assistant to help her collect all the data that she needs.

To hear more about the project have a gander at Katy’s new blog, follow her on twitter or check out her appeal on YouTube below. It would be great if you could help us spread the word or even help to fund the project by clicking here! There are even rewards on offer for donors, including original artworks crafted by Katy herself, Lajuma t-shirts, and naming rights to the study animals!