Always looking for animals

Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Sweaty, beery, Christmassy

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Christmas: it started with banana bread beer and ended with a praying mantis.


        IMG_5189 IMG_5192

Big headed beer – alas Katy didn’t get bartending skills in her stocking.

Christmas morning began with listening to carols, drinking banana bread beer and opening all our lovely presents. We had lots of nice parcels from the UK and America (thank you!). We were lucky to receive lots of nummy sweets and macadamia nuts which we ate for breakfast. I got some cracker sticks with animal facts on them from Sam – tasty and educational.



IMG_5218 IMG_5217

And I always thought the whale was the biggest mammal. How wrong was I?

Sam got a Pieminister hoodie and some tattoo sleeve arm covers. Here he is Samta looking tough.



It was hot, 32 degrees hot, and sunny so the hoodie didn’t stay on for too long. We saw baboons and samango monkeys in the bush on Christmas day.

     IMG_5187 IMG_5198

I played in the sprinkler a bit by accident. Xmas landy in the sun.

Combining our skills with the awesome cooking powers of Pete, Joselyn and Mike, we made a big Christmas dinner which consisted of turkey, sweet potatoes, roast potatoes, stuffing from heaven, Yorkshire puddings, veg and gravy. We also had a cheeseboard, cookies and an apple pie for desert.






We bought the turkey in Louis Trichardt. It’s normally impossible to get turkey in southern Africa so we were pretty excited. It was from Brazil so we named him Carlos before we ate him.

         IMG_5238 IMG_5237


After gorging we rested, played poker and a game called cards for humanity.


A well-fed resting Pete


Just before bed Sam found a praying mantis hitching a ride on his shoulder.


Twas a nice Christmas. Sweaty, beery and fun.


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