Always looking for animals

Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa



It doesn’t rain, it pours. 


This week at Lajuma we have been getting about 100mm of rainfall per day, and although we already posted some photos, we have a few more to share with you.

 IMG_5383Somewhere under these rapids is the tiny bridge that we drive over to get to town. Maybe not today.


Christoph about to get swept away.


The road road just by the barn is more of a river.


The waterfall is mighty!


There are crabs wandering around in the roads since they became rivers.


Driving: fun



Living in the tent: less fun


2 thoughts on “Moist

  1. Dearest Katy And Sam,
    The greatest joy is adventure and the memories, this bit of your life is full of adventure – enjoy .. Your blog is outstanding and written with great professional wit.. So proud of you both.. As I have alway said: Go for it and live your live to the fullest.. Love

  2. Katy!
    So happy to get this and hope I can figure out how to follow you and Sam! We are living vicariously on your adventures! Go for it! Love and safe travels, Susan

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