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Japanuary Episode III: Food

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IMG 5586

Food. Where do I start? I dare thee to try and find bad food in Japan. We tried. God knows we tried. Here are some pictures of our failures.

Sushi. Blah blah raw fish blah blah. Eat it and you will change you tune. It’s like walking up to mother nature and ripping a chunk of flesh out of her calf. Pure, unadulterated briliance. We ate this a lot.

IMG 5483


IMG 5512

Seafood. If it swims you can probably eat it here. Check out this octopus witha qual egg stuffed in its head. Cos, why not?

IMG 5719

IMG 6247

IMG 5725

IMG 5594

I have no idea what the hell these things are, some kind of delicious steamed bun. We ate these prety much every day from Sebun Erebun.

IMG 5765

What kind of restaurants make you cook your own food? Great ones! Drinking steins of beer and cooking a “Ghengis Khan” barbecue at the Sapporo Bier Garten, and cooking at the Ryokan.

IMG 6388

IMG 6374

IMG 5998

Rice burger. No the meat is still meat but the rice is the bread. Delicious, if not a bit fally-aparty.

IMG 6311

Bento boxes. Dinner on the go. Makes sarnies looks a bit rubbish.

IMG 5854

Gyoza. These little fuckers are so tasty that we went on a cooking course to learn how to make them at home.

IMG 6506

IMG 5724

Think cheese and you dont immediately think Japan. Maybe this cuttlefish ink brie is why.


This is the what to eat, but what about the where? I’m glad you asked…


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