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Japanuary Episode V: Northern monkeys!

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So, we slept in love hotels, befriended robots, and had maids serve us cute food. But you can do this stuff any time in Japan. Why go in winter? Isn’t it obvious? So that we could walk out into the snow, jump into a hot geothermal spring, and, you know, bathe butt naked with snow monkeys. Why? Well, everyone knows that monkeys are ace. But for centuries mankind has wrestled with an age-old question. What could possibly be batter than normal monkeys? I’ll tell you. Northern monkeys! The most northern moneys in the world, to be precise. In the snow!

Everyone who has ever had the privilege of visiting northern Britain knows that northerness is next to godliness. There’s a reason maps have north arrows. The north is simply better in every way. So it stands to reason that northern monkeys would be the archetype of monkey awesomeness.

So off we went on our pilgrimage, which took us to the Japanese alps. After hiking up the snowy mountain to our Ryokan we got naked and headed for the outdoor hot springs. I dont know why, but the rule in Japan is that you have to be naked in the springs. Pervs. Their rule, not mine, honest. Anyway, the monkeys didn’t seem to mind being naked in there with us in the ryokan spring.

The next day we went to look for the monkeys on their home turf in a park where only monkeys are allowed in the hot springs. I’ll stop blabbing and let the pictures do the talking.


IMG 5904

IMG 6098

IMG 6079

IMG 5964

IMG 5909

IMG 6073

IMG 6063

IMG 6060


As well as snow monkeying we also went to Hokkaido island, where we went skiing in Furano. I managed not to die. 

IMG 20130204 122300

IMG 20130204 1207042


We also visited Sopporo snow festival to drink at ice bars and see snow and ice sculptures.

IMG 6339

IMG 6276

IMG 6322

IMG 6308


One thought on “Japanuary Episode V: Northern monkeys!

  1. Love all the Japan posts! the whole trip looks like it was amazing. And yes, north is best 🙂 x

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