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Pie of pies and other news

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So it’s April and it’s ‘autumn’ in Africa. We have put a second blanket on our bed reluctantly and we are starting to prepare for Earthwatch season.

At the end of March we housesat / dogsat for Oldrich and Judy. We had access to an oven and made the BEST MEAT PIE EVER!!! It was awesome and most certainly blog worthy. I think pieminister could be put our of business by this pie of pies. It was a steak and ale and blue cheese pie with ingredients imbued with extra strength powers of deliciousness.




For Easter we decided to organise a big sit down Sunday lunch for everyone at Lajuma. We had roast chicken, roast tatties, veg, stuffing, etc. Twas very nice. We sat in the garden outside the barn and imagined fluffy Easter chicks running about and little bunnies nibbling on carrots by our toes. In reality we had Gunter the St Bernard slobbering on people and samango monkeys calling from the trees.






Okay so enough about food. Let’s talk about one of our other favourite things, animals. The project hosted a famous wildlife photographer called Benny Rebel recently. He came to Lajuma to take photos of our project which will be used to promote our work. Sam and I had the taxing obligation of picking him up from near Kruger Park so we had to drive through Kruger. Oh pains of pains!! Ha just kidding, it was awesome, as always.

We saw lots of Sharpe’s grysbok which is this cunning looking little antelope.




In the road we saw these mechanical looking bugs and a leopard tortoise.




Saw lots of elephants, zebras, giraffes and buffalos (or the big hairies as Oldrich likes to call these sorts of animals!)




We saw hippos and crocs in the river.




Waterbuck just chilling.




And the best thing we saw (but with the worst pictures, sorry the grass was in the way and we couldn’t really get out and move it!) was a baby spotted hyaena suckling from its mum. It’s little tongue kept popping out and you could see it licking away.




So although it was a quick in and out trip to Kruger, it was still great. We heard lions roaring in the night which is amazing. I’m already dreaming of going back again. Anyone fancy a trip with me??


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