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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa


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Give us a go with gunny. Oh come on, my turn with gunny.

– Jez, Peep Show

Africa is quite different from England is a lot of ways. People ride donkey carts to work and eat mopane worms for tea. And a lot of people own guns. In England the police don’t even carry guns. They have truncheons instead. But here you see guns a lot – security guards at houses and malls, gun racks on hunting vehicles, people just wearing their handguns as they have lunch, game rangers at national parks on patrol. It’s pretty normal and very much part of life in the bush.

For my birthday last year Sam made me a bookmark voucher type thing (below) for shooting lessons.




So this April off we went to gun school. Sam and I did a gun proficiency course in Louis Trichardt. It entailed a classroom lesson about firearm safety, laws, rights and rifle maintenance. We had to pass two closed book tests and two open book tests about this content. We spent last week quizzing each other on safety rules and on the items that go in a gun cleaning kit.

Then on Tuesday after we passed our written tests we went to the shooting range. We had a couple of practice shooting sessions and then we had to pass a shooting test where we had to hit the A5 target with 10 bullets in a row. We went after someone who was passing a test with a muzzle loader gun which was really fricking loud when it went off. He was Afrikaans and I nicknamed him ‘Black Powder’ in my head.



Me with my safety earmuffs on and holding my loaded magazine while we waited to shoot.



Sam loading ammo into the magazine.



Sam’s shooting stance was spot on.



My stance was unique. I had a bit of a tilty head bum wiggle thing going on!


We both got all our shots on target and passed. At the end of course we received certificates of firearm proficiency. With this qualification we can now legally own our own firearms in South Africa if we want.




So all in all a good experience. Next up a spot of game hunting and biltong making maybe…


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