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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Storytime and a meatchete

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This year I have had the immense honour of working with Noeks Cilliers. I hired her as a research assistant to focus on the project’s predator research but specifically to help me with my PhD work. She is an absolute legend, an amazing person to work with and a great friend. Yesterday she left the project after 8.5 months to finish her field guide training. Her dad hosted a braai at Lajuma to thank everyone.

As a leaving present I wrote and illustrated a short story for Noeks about our adventures. I wanted to post it here because it tells the story of what we have been doing this year.

Katy & NoeksKaty & Noeks2

Katy & Noeks3Katy & Noeks4Katy & Noeks5Katy & Noeks6Katy & Noeks7Katy & Noeks8Katy & Noeks9Katy & Noeks10

Noeks gave Sam and I presents too! She gave us both giant slabs of biltong. Sam decided his was a ‘meatchete’ – definition: an edible sword made of meat. Deadly and delicious.



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