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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Icy hail on a summer’s day

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When I got back from town yesterday afternoon we had a thunderstorm, one the first really heavy ones of the season. When it rains in our tent it is deafening. The rain pounding on the tin roof drowns out our voices completely even if we’re yelling. And yesterday afternoon we had hail as well which made it even worse. It only rained and hailed for about 40 minutes but in that time we had rivers outside.





Once the rain stopped I packed my bag, put my wellies on and headed up the road to the hyaena latrine I am monitoring at night for my PhD. I didn’t get very far. The tiny stream I have to cross had become a proper raging river in less than an hour.




There were brand new waterfalls that had just appeared off the mountain cliffs. You can’t really see them in this photo but they are there!




Sam and I had a bit of a play in the piles of icy hail that had accumulated.




We also checked out another part of the stream in case that was passable. It wasn’t.


So instead of working last night I stayed at home with Sam and we watched a very dodgy horror film called Hyenas about werewolf-like hyenas that attack and eat people in America and about this hyena hunter called Crazy Briggs who tries to kill them. Well I watched it until about 8 pm when I fell asleep…I guess all that playing in the hail tired me out.


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