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Happy almost Crimbo!

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Happy almost Christmas! Only a mere two days until the big day. The sun is shining, Christmas movies are on telly (I just watched The Santa Clause 2, which was surprisingly good) and there are mince pies in my tum. Jolly jolly.

This month I have been conducting interviews for my PhD in a black predominantly Sotho speaking community nearby with the help of my translator. Because I can’t drive at the moment due to my giant thumb of doom, project assistants and staff members have been accompanying me. Here’s a few pics of the community:

A woman’s goat kraal with the hill the community is named after in the background.

Goats! One of these will be Christmas dinner for the family. Watch out white face, I think it will be you!

Typical houses in the community.

The local discotheque maybe?

As well as working we’ve been getting ready for Christmas. This year I only found advent calendars for sale on Dec 17 (typical Africa time) so much scoffing was required to catch up. Sam shows us how it’s done:


We are dog-sitting at Oldrich’s and Judy’s over Christmas. We set up our wobbly only has 2 legs so has to lean against the wall Christmas tree the other day.


The weather for Christmas day is predicted to be sunny. Yay! This afternoon it’s 25 degrees outside so hopefully it’ll stay like this.



Hazel is lazing in the sun while Megan keeps cool inside. Ahh the life of a dog.


So in advance of Wednesday’s excitement of round bellies full of yummy food and wrapping paper everywhere and carols joyously being sung (or just played on repeat until Sam goes mad), Happy Christmas from Sam, Katy and Mukiwa (the Land Rover)!




One thought on “Happy almost Crimbo!

  1. There is room for a choc up each nostril too !!!!
    Have a great Christmas, hope the Thumb is healing well….

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