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Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

It rained. I tidied.

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This week it has rained most of all day and all night. It’s been shite.

It has been so misty that entire mountains disappeared.




It has been so wet that the landy’s steering wheel moulded.




It was such bad weather my helicopter flight was postponed. Our laundry is still wet on the line and seems to be getting gradually wetter. 




My side of the bed has been soaked for days. There is a leak in the roof directly above it so stop thinking rude / mean thoughts now!

This week despite the weather, I have been jolly for the most part. I got to do something I have been excited about for almost a year. I got to organise and inventory all of the project equipment!! It was awesome.

I know I sound a bit OCD crazy, but there is something incredible about taking chaos and turning it into labelled, alphabetised order.

Sam likes to compare me to Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory. In this case there was a certain similarity. In one episode Sheldon goes to a social function at his friends’ house but instead of socialising, he spends the evening obsessively cleaning and organising his friends’ messy closet. He loves it so much he doesn’t want to go home.


closetcloset 2

I didn’t want to leave the store room of the new PPP office until every last object was categorised and properly boxed; until it looked like this:




In the Big Bang Theory Leonard noted, Sheldon is possessed by "the compulsive need to sort, organize and label the entire world around him".

Howard describes Sheldon’s obsession at making labels: "his label maker has a label on it".

So maybe I’m verging on Sheldonness but my label maker does not have a label on it. This might be because I’m cooler than that…or perhaps because I ran out of labels.




Besides the enjoyment of organising (really you should try it) the other great upside of this endeavour is that we have way more space in our tent. Every single item in the photos above was previously living in our tiny about 5 m x 5 m home. Our tent was like a clown car.

The porch is no longer covered in project equipment.




As this might be the most boring blog post ever written (I can summarise this post in four words: It rained. I tidied), here are some photos of  vervet monkeys who came to visit Sam in the office yesterday. I’m hoping the interestingness of monkeys will save the blog post.






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