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Happy Zombie Jesus Day


Since we’re not religious at all, we like to consider Easter as Zombie Jesus Day instead. It makes the holiday more meaningful to us since we like zombies and that is most likely what Jesus would have been when he rose up from the dead. Sadly this year Sam and I are not together to celebrate the holiday so this blog is about my experiences up north, not Sam’s who is still in South Africa. Only two weeks to go till he gets to the UK though!


I am back in the UK at the moment waiting for our own ‘miracle’ to happen. Boyby is getting big now, as am I at 35 weeks. Less than five weeks to go till the due date now…Boyby is definitely nocturnal and bounces about all night like a crazed bushbaby. In the mornings he sleeps and then in the afternoon he slowly wakes up and gets ready to party again.

Week 34 Fotor

I’ve been having appointments with the midwife since I came back to the UK and all is looking good. There is a smiling tap in the toilets at the midwife’s and I like that.

DSCN0083 Fotor

It’s nice being back in the UK. There are heaps of Easter chocolate in the shops and spring flowers blooming and the weather is starting to improve.


DSCN0092 Fotor


DSCN0106 Fotor

The PhD baby is also progressing well but isn’t due for quite awhile. I go to the postgraduate office in the Anthropology department everyday to analyse data and write. I’m writing up in the same office where Sam wrote up his PhD which is nice. Everyone is really lovely and it’s good being around other PhD students who are going through the same experience as me. I know quite a few of the PhD students here either from Lajuma or from when I started my PhD in 2012 so it’s been a nice social situation as well.

Here are a few photos of the glorious weather in Durham on Easter Sunday.

DSCN0098 Fotor

DSCN0100 Fotor

DSCN0101 Fotor

DSCN0102 Fotor

DSCN0093 Fotor

Warm enough for sandals!

DSCN0105 Fotor

Here is someone I spied enjoying the sun with his dog. It’s not always bleak up north!

DSCN0107 Fotor


2 thoughts on “Happy Zombie Jesus Day

  1. Just thought I would let you know that I got a real kick out of your post about Zombie Jesus Day. I am a friend of your father’s and he forwarded the post from your blog. Also thought that I would let you know that he is very (and rightfully) proud of your work in South Africa. You probably already know that but I think a person always likes to hear those kind of things anyway. Good luck on the birth of your son. Susan

  2. Durham is looking lovely in the sunshine, it’s been really nice here too, hopefully it will be good weather when you come down.
    Hope boyby let’s you get some rest on a night! See you soon x x

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