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HI everyone…it’s been a busy week full of new starts, ridiculously long days, sand flies, bats, tonsillitis, presentations, academic papers, old friends, studying, painting, working, and writing. We are super tired! So rather than write a brand new post, I shall direct you to this link… because I am the guest blogger on the Thesis Whisperer website this week!! Go check it out. It’s a big honour and it’s very exciting since I’ve been following the Thesis Whisperer for years. You can read my blog post for the week there rather than here. Enjoy.

Here are a few photos from the week as well just for funzies.

IMG 20170224 161348  1

Noggs captaining a boat filled with soft toys. In the background is Sam working his bum off on a paper.

IMG 20170228 091103  1

Did a bit of painting this week – pictures to send to close friends around the world. Four pictures posted this week, 11 more to do.

IMG 20170227 161647  1

Some bunnies bouncing to Abbie in Salem…

IMG 20170302 093942  1

Started a new job this week and I’m hoping that strong tea will save me from the tiredness monster.


A whip scorpion in the bathroom. Harmless but it looks like something out of a horror movie so it had to be relocated outside to prevent nightmares.


Sam looked after Noggs while I did evening talks on hyaenas for Reaseheath College students. Playing in the sandpit which is a fancy name for a pile of sand and dirt next to the driveway.


Playing in the sand with daddy. He does have tshirts without spiderman on them by the way. I swear.


A bat plans his next holiday destination on our wall.



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