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Bye bye baby

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Noggs turned two yesterday and we had a lovely celebration with cake, presents, and balloons. At age two and very almost fully potty trained, it feels like we have just about left the baby years behind and I for one could not be happier.


Loving birthday balloons and stickers.

Unnamed 3  1

Celebrating his birthday at preschool.

Unnamed 1  1

Sharing birthday cupcakes with friends.

I follow several mummy blogs so I can compare parenting experiences with other people since I don’t have many mum friends nearby. Some of the blog posts I have read discuss how hard some parents find letting go of their baby and allowing their child to become independent. I have not struggled with that. If we were a family of birds, we would be something migratory and a bit funky like hoopoes. And if we were birds, I think I might have nudged chick Noggs out the nest if he wasn’t flying on his own. Off you go now. Spit spot.

Feeding young jpg 824x0 q85

Baby stuff is hard to keep up with – vaccines almost every month, bottles to sterilise, constant feeding, rarely sleeping, solid food introduction, baby food mashing, sleep training, constantly moving up clothes sizes, teething, etc. And it isn’t often rewarded with much interaction from your infant. In the first year Noggs was cute but a bit non-descript and not super robust. Even dressed like a bear cub, he lacked most bearlike qualities other than fuzziness.

IMG 5652

Baby bear.

It has only been in the last year that Noggs has acquired his wickedly awesome personality. We have loved watching him develop and become funny and sociable. Now we have conversations, cuddles, do pretend play, and go on proper adventures. This morning Noggs and I went on a walk to splash in puddles, throw rocks into the river, and watch beetles and shongololos cross the road. I am happy to say bye to the baby years and welcome all the fun of the toddler years. We are ready for the ‘terrible twos’, although I think it is going to be a pretty spectacular year.


Unnamed 5  1

Cuddles and adventures.


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