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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Every June as winter settles in and it starts to feel crisp and cold, I get a Christmassy feeling. Even after years of Christmases in the southern hemisphere, I still associate Christmas with cold weather. I feel ready to cook decedent foods and exchange presents. In December when we’re super sweaty and hot, I struggle to drum up the Christmas spirit in the same way. The decorations get hung but they look false and out of place. Santa looks hot and uncomfortable in his coat and boots. The advent calendars drip melting chocolate out of their sealed doors.

It is June and I have started singing Christmas carols again. We are wearing long trousers, coats, and jumpers again. I even cracked out the gloves. We have become so acclimatized to the heat that the roughly 13 degree C temperatures at night to 23 degree C day temperatures feel jarringly low. We are very happy though that we are in a proper house with walls and not freezing in a tent on a mountain.

IMG 1563

Wearing flannel Christmas pyjamas again and feeling very excited about toys.

IMG 1578

Thomas the tank engine doing a wheelie.

IMG 1611

Playing with cars in pretend snow (corn flour).

IMG 1616

Snow day.

We’ve been in Hoedspruit for almost a year now and the signs in nature remind me that the time has passed and it’s winter again.

IMG 20170601 081044

The big aloey plants at the end of our road are flowering again. My plant id skills have a long way to go.

IMG 1602

The trees are looking sparse as they drop their leaves.

IMG 1607

Zebra poo without dung beetles = winter.

IMG 1604

The impala lilies are flowering again.

It’s been a pretty amazing year and having a small child helps me to appreciate how far we’ve all come. Noggs learned to walk, talk, started preschool, and became a more proper human. I passed my PhD. Sam got a postdoc position. It may not be Christmas now but I’m going to sing anyways. This year I keep singing the John Lennon song ‘Merry Xmas (War is Over)’. I wonder if this has some link to the end of the PhD…


One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  1. Katy, very well stated. On Monday it was 38c and Tuesday it was 21c and I went back in the house to get a jumper. Your Christmass in Cairo were warm but not like what you have in SA…please keep writing… enjoyable to read and laugh…

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