Always looking for animals

Sam, Katy, and Noggs in Africa

Having an adventure


A few weeks ago on the drive to Noggs’ preschool we spotted a hot air balloon overhead. We see them many mornings as they fly over us to view the wildlife in the reserve with the mountain backdrop. Noggs pointed to basket of the hot air balloon and said, “Look people, they are having an adventure!”. This surprised me because I didn’t realize he knew the word adventure. We also didn’t realize he knew the word disgusting until we gave him some medicine. It’s like he has a secret dictionary in his head which he is slowly divulging word nugget by word nugget. He also knows words we don’t even know such as ‘poo poo lekker’. We’re not sure what it means but apparently poo poo lekker is naughty. Astounding stuff.

IMG 0489

This morning Noggs and Sam pulled the wheelie bin to the end of the driveway for collection. When they returned after a little while, it was announced that they took longer than expected because they were “having an adventure”. This adventure involved riding Nogg’s bike, going on a bush walk, and collecting rocks and sticks.

IMG 20170630 095755

Running through the leaves.

I often consider having an adventure to mean riding in hot air balloons, flying to exotic places, and experiencing something completely exotic, something very big and out of the ordinary. To Noggs though, his definition of having an adventure can be flying in the sky but it can also be picking up a cheese puff he found on the ground outside a shop and eating it. Both are equally thrilling to him.

IMG 0799

Having an adventure.

Although I definitely crave ticking countries off my list and having big adventures, I am starting to appreciate the small adventures in our backyard more because of Noggs’ more open minded definition of having an adventure.

IMG 20170703 093759

Climbing in a digger we found in a car park so Noggs could pretend to drive.

IMG 1717

Having giraffes in the backyard and Kruger National Park down the road definitely makes it easier to have adventures.

And to end, a quote…”Enjoy the little things in life because one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things.” (Kurt Vonnegut Jr.)


3 thoughts on “Having an adventure

  1. Hey Katy,
    I wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed your posts on line regarding your, Sam’s and, of course, Nogg’s adventures!
    BTW, we are hoping that your dad will visit us in Sept.!
    All the best,
    Jim and Susan

  2. I KNOW what you mean. My girls used to like to go out after dark with a flashlight and turn over rocks to look for worms, etc. Dainty girls that they were!!! He is the cutest boy! I know how you enjoy him. It even gets better! XOXO to you!

  3. Lovely to hear from you both! I hope my dad makes it to see you this year. Lots of love

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